Friday, 21 September 2012

Happy Equinox

Apologies for the lack of recent updates. The final harvest of the year, and there's been so much going on! Invisible Obama, you didn't build that, Grant Shapps, the 47%, gategate, Mitt's taxes (2011 return released today!).

Seriously, this isn't an SEO post, just an indication that I'm not sure what to talk about in all this.

Reality check: as we live in the equinox between light and dark right now, maybe we should be concerned with things more pertinent to our real lives than the mis-speaks of politicians?

Reality check: OTOH, I started this blog with the intention of chronicling the desires of the powerful through their Freudian slips. These people seek influence over us, over the rest of society. Someone needs to keep an eye on them.

 I'd like to broaden that remit a little: not just mispeaks and slips, and other psychological tells (like body language), but what is unintentionally revealed about power, by any means, whether that be by omission, documentary evidence, investigative journalism, or Freudian slip.

On the latter point, I'd also like to explore some of the psychological theories behind the Freudian slip - a contentious issue.

Stay tuned for posts over the next month as I catch up with what's been going on. Meanwhile, I'll work on updating header copy to reflect, and focus, the remit here.

Enjoy the Equinox and I'll wish you all a safe, happy and productive time as we move into the darker time of the year.  

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